Ways to Help

NEMBA isn't some huge, multinational consortium with palatial offices and a swat team of crisis management experts, complete with trail-tool equipped Hummers. We're a group of riders just like you who care about the trails and have a passion for mountain bikes. Luckily, there are enough of us to form a regional organization that has a been highly successful. All this is because of riders like you.

We need your help to make things happen.

"How do I get involved? ", you ask.  Easy!  Simply contact the the NEMBA chapter president in your area or come to one of our many events.  We're not a cliquey group and we always like seeing new faces!

NEMBA is many things to many people, all linked by a commitment to making our sport and the trails better.  The most basic way to help out is to come to our events.  You don't need any experience since our crew leaders will guide you and teach you in the process, and most trail care events are followed by lunch and a nice ride.  Coming to a Trail Care Day is a great way to test the volunteer waters and meet people. 

Most NEMBA Chapters have monthly meetings as well.  These usually combine business with socializing. It's at these meetings that most NEMBA activities are created, managed and executed.  It's also where the key access and advocacy issues in your area are hashed out.  Chapters welcome their members to come by and hear what's going on.  If you've never been you a local NEMBA chapter meeting, you should check it out.

NEMBA is always looking for innovative people with unique skills.  If you think that you have something to offer, let your chapter president know!

For example, do you:

  • spend a lot of money at your local bike store? (Don't deny it! We've already spoken to your significant other about this.) Be a bike store liaison. By being a good customer, you are the best person to convince them to become a NEMBA member and get them to offer NEMBA discounts, keep them up on land access issues, etc.
  • have any political connections? Let your local chapter know. Trails are often gained and lost on politics alone.
  • have any open space in your town? Be an open space steward -- go to conservation commission meetings and keep the rest of us updated on what's going on. That way we can help you keep your riding place open before problems start.
  • have web skills? We could use people to help us develop our website. We're especially looking for someone with serious drupal skills.
  • know how to add, subtract, multiply? balance a checkbook? Our finance committee can use additional help. If you know about tax planning, accounting, budgeting, that's even better.
  • like to wield heavy tools or have construction skills? Come to one of our work days or become a Trail Crew Leader
  • know how to spell? Point a camera? Contribute to SingleTracks!  We can always use stories, articles, jokes, photos, art, whatever!  Call for deadlines.
  • work well with people? Consider leading a NEMBA ride by contacting Bill Boles.
  • have some unusual skills? Who knows?  Filmmaking, belly dancing, playing in a band, owning a pet llama -- any of them could become useful, but we'd never think to ask! So let us know.
  • want to really get involved big time? Start a chapter, start a kid's ride program, be the bike store liaison coordinator, whatever. (Just please don't come to us and say, "You know what YOU GUYS should do.?" and expect it to just happen) We are always interested in new programs if they have willing leaders.
  • have some ideas and energy, a little time, but don't know how you fit in? Come to your local chapter's board meeting, and find out what's going on!

We try to keep you up to date, but sometimes we are so busy doing stuff that we forget! (Or was it the Neuralyzer?) Please forgive us and let us know how you can help.