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Greylock Glen, Adams

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Greylock Glen is a work in progress. It consists of 1060 acres right at the eastern base of Mt Greylock. Historically, going back to the mid 1960s, the area was slated for commecial development. Fortunately, that didn't materialize and while many projects were proposed over the years nothing happened till now.

The first map above shows the current DCR map for Greylock Glen. The last shows the initial vision for the Glen's trail system.

Starting in 2014 DCR and its consultant, Dodson & Flinker, and Wetlands & Wildlife, LLC, worked to complete the Greylock Glen Multi-Use Trail System Plan.

That plan called for creating nearly 14 miles of new trails at the Glen to provide for multiple recreational opportunities. It also called for rehabilitating and stewarding nearly 15 miles of existing trails; and abandoning, closing, and restoring approximately 13.5 miles of existing trails that were invery  poor condition, or which lead off of Glen property.

Begining in the Fall of 2015 Volunteers from the Thunderbolt Ski Runners and the Berkshire Chapter of the New England Mountain Biking Association (NEMBA), with approval and guidance from DCR, worked to open the Thunderbolt Glade and maintain the Thunderbolt Meadow.

In 2016 and 2017 DCR worked with trail crews from the Appalachian Mountain Club and Student Conservation Association to make repairs to the Bellows South Trail, continue mountain-bike trail-building to 4-Corners, and construct the new pedestrian “Ribbon Falls Trail” along Peck’s Brook. Volunteers also began to layout and construct a new mountain-biking and running trail connecting the Bellows South Trail toward 4-Corners. Berkshire Outfitters has also been very supportibe of this project.

Currently there are about 8 miles of dedicated single track and 5 miles of double track with fields and woods. More are on he way. These new trails are part of the Department of Conservation and Recreation's $3 million plan to construct and improve the Glen's trail system.

These trails are interesting and some of them go from the lower Glen up to about one fourth of the way up the Mt Greylock to a mature beautiful tall forest with dramatic water falls and views out into the forest.

The Department of Conservation's goal for the Greylock Glen Multi-Use Trail System is intended to provide the following: Hiking and other pedestrian trails that will highlight scenic features of the Glen and include three hiking routes to Mount Greylock State Reservation and the Mount Greylock summit.

Downhill back-country skiing, most notably including the historic Thunderbolt Trail and a new proposed Thunderbird Glade and Meadow route that recalls the original ski trail alignment from the 1930s.

Single-track mountain-biking and running trails that will wind through the forest and provide a variety of loops, difficulties, and destinations.

Cross-country skiing trails intended for both skate and classic styles that will provide for a variety of loops, difficulties, and distances.

Snowmobile connections that will allow snowmobilers to connect from adjacent properties to and across the Greylock Glen.

Note: Much of the above information comes from this DCR Page. The picture below is part of the DCR's initial Vision Plan. For current news check the Greylock Glen Facebook Page.


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