Larkin Trail State Park, Naugatuck

Southern CT

Larkin Trail State Park, Naugatuck

816 Church St #684
Naugatuck  Connecticut  06770
United States






The Larkin Trail State Park is a Rail Trail in the towns of Middlebury, Naugatuck, Oxford and Southbury. It's a dirt trail, a former railbed, a littlr over 10 miles long and as such it offers a perfect riding surface for new riders and families with kids on small bikes. There are also a number of singletrack trails leading off the rail trail that more experienced riders will enjoy exploring.

A good description of the rail trail can be found on the DEEP's website

The Larkin Trail is a wide dirt trail with low grades, with some short sections of singletrack.

Larkin is a fun trail and the views are good.

The directions at the top of this page lead you to the Eastern end of the trail in the Whittemore Glen State Park Scenic Preserve.

There are a number of other parking areas which are listed on the DEEP's website.

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