Wrath of the Boneyard

This race started as an idea to bring back an old course.  I approached Jill and Chris last year and the club was excited to put on a bike race.  After a years worth of preparation all was set to go when the day before somebody had sabotaged the course and taken most of the signage down.  Filled the trails with debris.  We decided to wait till morning of and we arrowed at 6am.  I was so worried that somebody would mess with it while riders were out so I went out on my trials bike and did a couple loops.  The course was half rocks and half pine needles.  It was 2 races in one.  Cat 3’s went out and came back ok.  Cat 2’s went off next and I had to suit up.  While racing out on the course I got cold legs and I hear thats not good.  It was super hot.  I just kept sipping on water but it didn’t feel good.  I was battling for first but now he started to pull away.  Well into the last lap I caught number 1 and unfortunately he had a flat.  I almost had one myself.  I was touching the rim in the rocks and even heard air spitting out but it stopped.  I had first and just as I was getting to the finish line I tried to lift the front end through a dip and my Salsa Carbon bars ( a few months old)  cracked and broke in half.  I managed to ride the bike through with the left grip.  Crazy.   The rest of the day went good and after cleaning up with help from the MMC (motorcycle club)  got home about 7.  Not bad!  Got lots of positive remarks about the course, I’ve heard it’s one of the hardest.  The Meriden Motorcycle Club puts on a great event!  Rock on!

Result… 1st place Cat 2 SS

8th over all Cat 2


Wrath of the Boneyard — 7 Comments

  1. Dude, broke some old trek system 1 bars back in 06 over a drop off. Scared the crap out of me.

  2. Wondering if I should leave the carbon bars alone? But they are comfortable until they snap!

    • I’ve had Easton Monkey Lite XC’s for a couple years and no issue. I’m always worried about a bar/stem failure. :-0

      • Brought the bike to the LBS so they can see the break. They told me it should NOT have happened and are glad I didn’t go down. They said no problem they take them back and get me into a different brand. As I left I heard somebody mention Easton. They were pretty nice bars till they snapped! I heard crack and I thought it was my headset? Then the bar came apart in my hand, clean break between the stem and the rear brake.