Winding Trails for the Roti family

First off it was great to see everyone at the race on Sunday. I can’t wait to see everyone in the team kit this week.

For Mel and I this was our first race where both of us were racing and we had to figure out how to juggle the kids between us and race. We set up camp with the NEMBA tent and Mel got ready for her race. In the meantime our youngest NEMBA team member, my son, Lars did the kids race and proudly wore his finishing medal for the rest of the day.
Lars and Gretchen and I wished Mel good luck and then had lunch at the tent. Each lap we cheered on Mom as she rode through the start/finish in her first MTB race in 5 years! Mel ended up 6th and was pretty happy about it since both of us have only been able to ride 2-3 days a week so far this year. We also try to run in between to get in a bit more.

Mel finished with about 35 minutes to spare before my race. I handed off and headed out to warm up. No pre lap for me! It was a tough start. I just wasn’t warmed up enough. Note to self: bring a trainer to warm up on. I had a blast on the course even though the really technical courses suit me much better. I ended up 13th and was 15 minutes faster than last year. I am looking forward to my next race at UMASS on April 30.


Winding Trails for the Roti family — 1 Comment

  1. I know what juggling the kids is like and the Root66 series really lends itself to this because of the staggered start times.
    Have fun at UMASS!