Wilmington Whiteface 50k/100k June 7, 2015

This past weekend Jon Tobin ( 100k ) and I (50K) participated in The Wilmington Whiteface 50k and 100k in Wilmington NY.  The morning of the race started off with a bit of a surprise of 30 degree temperatures that would thankfully get to around 38 by race time and close to 70 by mid day.  This was the first race like this that either of us have ever done and I can’t wait to ride it again next year.  The total field was around 500 racers from all over the country with 70 in the 50k and the rest riding the 100K.  The course was a mix of paved roads, jeep roads, buffed out single track, and some muddy rocky rooty not so fun single track, but that is what maked this a great event.  Oh did I mention there were hills?  The 50k was just over 3,000 feet of climbing ( not too bad as long as you kept eating ) but the 100k was around 8,500+.  The course was an out and back set up, so while you were enjoying the 40+mph descents you had to keep in mind that you were going to ride back up the same hill on the way back.  The real nasty part of the ride was at the end when you returned to the mountain and were most likely searching for your 3rd or 4th wind.  At this point the course took you back into the woods into the mud with plenty of slick rocks and roots.  The trail took you up the mountain and spit you out onto some of ski slopes and most thought they were home free once they started heading downhill, only to realize they had to turn and go back up the trail to the top of the chair lift.  At the top you entered back into the woods onto one of the black diamond trails to head down to the finish.  I think at this point I was letting my bike take me for a ride and just hoped a tree didn’t jump out in front of me.  As for the results, Jon and I both finished the race in respectable times and are planning on riding it again next year and we hope some of you will join us up there to show support of NEMBA.



Jon Tobin at the finish!!

Jon Tobin at the finish!!


Wilmington Whiteface 50k/100k June 7, 2015 — 2 Comments

    • I plan on doing the 50k again next year and trying to knock 10 -15 minutes off my time. As for this year, I am not sure what races I will do. I am focused on getting my legs ready for the Pan Mass Challenge in August.