Wildcat 100K. More podium shots!

Photo May 11, 4 48 39 PMI’m sure Bully will be upset at us for not being kitted up but in our defense we were fresh off 6+ hours in the saddle, coated in mud, freezing cold and in need normal clothing.  Also results were a tad late (as you can tell by the missing second place rider some people left even with payouts coming)

I was sad to miss out on the Weeping Willow as I have been a participant for the last several years.  Especially since we usually have a large NEMBA Racing head count at that race.  But I’ve decided I’m a bit more effective at longer distances and I’m trying to focus on that a bit more this year.  The NUE series doesn’t come all the way to New England much and the Wildcat and the NH100 are the closest options.

The 100K single speed category wasn’t all that populated but it felt pretty good to ride strong all day and come away with the win.  Check out my full report for the 411.


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  1. I was thinking the same thing about the jersey thing. Nice work. You have that long distance thing in you. Hampshire hardcore this year for you. We have more podium finishers from the Willow and more pics I’ll be posting. 12 hours of Millstone. We need to get some teams and an encampment for that.