White Mtn Team Ride

My streak of suffer’fests in the Whites continues!

Group from the team ended up being myself, Shaun P., Shawn S., Andrew S., John H. and Geoff M. from corner cycle also decided to spend his day waiting around for us and enjoying the views.

View From the Kanc

Temps were brutal and kept things ‘interesting’ all day.  We lucked out and had a bit of shade heading up the Kanc early as well as on Bear Notch but by midday the Whites were basically just a giant sauna.  Lots of folks out and about though enjoying the sun and probably enjoying rivers and lakes like we should have been doing.

With the extreme conditions the ride morphed away from being a ‘group ride’ and changed more into a giant game of leap frog as we all alternately surged and faded.  It got harder and harder to eat and maintain hydration.


Per usual we were slapped with a pretty hot headwind topping out on Crawford (PRO TIP: never climb Crawford Notch. Ever. Always descend.).  Cramps were on the horizon and we still had another long drag up Franconia Notch.  By this point the ride was fairly well blown apart, everyone at their own (slow) pace.

We used the bike path to get back down through the Notch.  But ‘down through the Notch’ isn’t really all that accurate.  Anyone who has descended on that bike path knows that that descent is all uphill.  Luckily it wasn’t as crowded as we had been anticipating.  We ended up just beating a sun shower rolling into the lot with a time probably at least an hour longer than anticipated.

Was this ride a mistake? Maybe. But you can’t increase your ability to function while suffering while drinking Corona Lights in the pool even though Bully WISHES that’s what he was doing instead.


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