Weeping Willow EFTA NECS #1

What a day! Such an amazing turnout from the team.

It was great to see so many of our Sport and Novice riders putting up strong results and building confidence along the way.  I loved hearing all the war stories as you guys were rolling in.  You all stuck with it on a tough hot day on a fast unforgiving course.  Great job!  I can’t wait to see the official results to see where we all ended up.

Many thanks to Carl for showing up early with the tent and passing bottles up to the Sports and having ice on hand post race for mangled fingers and knees.  Huge contribution to the cause yesterday and it’s much appreciated.  And congrats on ‘arriving’ in Expert Vet I.  I don’t think the results you are looking for are too far off.

So lets hear how things went!  Who has pictures?  I know I saw at least a few cameras floating around.  Here is my battle report.  I was able to overcome my slight lack of health and raced unscathed for 2.8 laps before playing human pinball.  Unfortunately it didn’t happen right in front of Bully, I have apparently broken that curse as I was able to ride without crashing while he lurked behind me on lap 2.

UPDATE: Results are up!

And I have to make special note of Nate Meyer taking 4th in Novice Junior only 6secs off the podium! Junior can be a tough class for younger riders with an age range of 12-18.  Nice job working those high school kids over and don’t worry about just missing that podium.  Call me crazy but I think you’ll end up on one before you know it.


Weeping Willow EFTA NECS #1 — 5 Comments

  1. It was great to see so many NEMBA racers out there yesterday. Congrats to everyone for finishing on a nice hot day. This is one of my favorite courses even if I can’t push a big enough gear to finish well.

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