Wednesday Free Ride?

Last Wednesday I got to take a free unexpected ride to the emergency room. Story may start all the way back to the week prior to the Willowdale race. We were in that classic spring weather pattern around that time, cold and wet.  Training had been going great and I had just took a 4th place at the Grind. That week though I came down with something, a cold of some sort? I felt run down and disinterested.  After a less than stellar Weeping Willow I got my ass handed to me at the Big Ring.  After that race I would hear things like take a week off, take a break, training too hard, and maybe the wrong equipment choice. Something else was going on though.

That Sunday night after the Rumpus I couldn’t sleep, it hurt to lay on my back or side. There was pain from shoulder to shoulder.  Now there was no impacts or crashes during the race. What the hell is wrong here?  Time to call the doctors.

Visit number one with the doctors. Diagnosis over exertion, and a touch of bronchitis. Blood tests, x-rays, and an EKG.  All came back normal.  I should also say the pain and discomfort was gone by the time of the doctors visit as well.

So after fivedays off I got back on the bike. Saturday 2 hour road ride, Sunday Pack Monadnock on the newly built Superfly, Monday AM recovery ride, and Tuesday a higher intensity Group road ride.  No issues to speak of and even felt like I was getting stronger.

Pinnacle I took 6th (11th overall). So the week off thing was true.  Take a week off, and come back faster. Up next was The Moody park mud fest. Limited field, took some points, and had a great three out of four laps. Again after this race I was destroyed and tired as hell.  It was a hard race mostly due to the hike a bike. 

Sunday night I couldn’t sleep, chest pain same as after the Rumpus a month prior.  Monday it would feel the same for most of the day.  It slowly started to go away as the day and night went on.  Tuesday we headed up to Kingdom Trails for a much needed fun ride.  Got to chase the EFTA points leader Steve C around for a few hours.  First 10 minutes all we did was climb out of the parking lot through the trails on the Darling Hill side of things.  It hurt to take deep breaths, but kept up the pace.  Classic athlete mentality here, work through the pain it will right itself sooner or later.  It hurt for the whole ride though and I had a feeling that I would be paying the price later that night.  One o’clock.  Woke up from about 2 hours of sleep.  This time the pain on a scale of 1 – 10.  Was a 9.   I made my way out of bed and down to the couch.  Lots of things (bad things) going through my mind.  Short shallow breaths was all I could manage, the only way to relax was to sit at a 45 degree angle.  Being the stubborn clown I am.  I told my wife I would wait till the morning and call down to my doctor.

Wednesday’s free ride.  So I called the doctor and discussed my symptoms, same as before.  Doctor said sounds like the same problem as before take 800mg of Motrin.  Sounds good, but how about some tests!  Doctor asks”do you wan to come in for an EKG”  YES!  Basically it hurt to walk up the stairs and anything that elevated HR hurt.  Get to the Doctors did the normal tests and then got the electrodes placed in the usual spots.  Doctor will be in.  More bad thoughts are processing in the grey matter above.   Doctor comes in “Shawn, I’m going to recommend that you go to the emergency room.  Your EKG came back and I have some concerns, within five minutes I’m being rushed to Burlington!

Myocarditiswas the diagnosis.  I’m on a 600mg dose of Motrin three times a day for seven days, and the doctor said to take the weekend off from any strenuous exercise.  Monday I was back on the bike for a moderate 2 hour ride, Tuesday I banged out a 1.5 hour higher intensity blast.  No pain and legs felt well rested.  Today I’ll be meeting with a specialist for follow up.   Feeling pretty good overall.   Newtons Revenge Saturday.


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