Website Updates

I was able to do some updating to the site today for all to enjoy.  We are now on the latest version of WordPress.  I also installed two plugins; Share and Follow and WPtouch.  Share and Follow gives the site some much needed social media links at the bottom of all the posts.  WPtouch installs a mobile theme that renders on mobile devices (iPhone, Android, etc).  I’d like to get a new banner done. I saw a new NEMBA logo that looked awesome. If someone has a high res copy please forward it to me.  I also think a team Twitter account would be cool, let me know what you think.


Website Updates — 2 Comments

  1. looking SHARP!

    I would imagine either PK or maybe Adam G. would have that new logo. I can’t wait to tweet mid race. “Eating some Gu. Crossley just went by. Bully is yelling at Greg. #seaofgreen”