For anyone who didn’t have the chance to race at Umass, here’s what was logged on my computer after the race:

11.26 miles

5.26 miles up

5.25 miles down

23% max incline

-21% min incline

average temp of 53 degrees

1896 feet of climbing and 1876 ft of downhill (the start was a 300 yard climb to the first left)   

I raced sport and completed 5 laps.  The course was in really good shape to start with a few short muddy sections and some soft grass.  There were many good tests over power as the course had steep climbs with built in recovery on the downhill that followed.  It was a great course for a hardtail with few rocks and roots, the real challenge was crossing the muddy sections and keeping your legs moving.  Credit has to be given to the Umass folks, it was well marked and fun to ride.  I was able to finish in just under 59 minutes and earn my promotion in the expert class.  

There’s an erroneous photo floating around of me in a green shirt…which is actually my NEMBA race jersey.  The pic was surely photo shopped & distributed by an unnamed bully.



UMass — 2 Comments

  1. LOL. Nice job killing all those 66 guys. Maybe they should change the rules as how they treat the EFTA guys. Next time for you, Cat 1.