TVR Recap

Like Kevin, I type this as a broken man staying home sick from work. I had been training my butt off on the bike in addition to swimming and running twice in combination with a bachelor party in Montreal last weekend was too much for my immune system to handle. Last Thursday-Friday I was sick but decided to give it a shot on Saturday because my legs felt decent and I preregistered.

This is one of my favorite courses and I had memories of the bone dry conditions last year that helped me to a fast time in the Expert 30-39 class. While I did alright this year it was a physical and mental beatdown. My low back was killing me for some reason for most of the race so I pretty much suffered my way through it but proud I hung tough. It was not the smartest decision to race because I’ve been sick as a dog since. Last year 2:00, this year 2:20 although the course was definitely slower. Hoping to bounce back at Willowdale.


TVR Recap — 1 Comment

  1. way to battle through John. I was somewhat pleased to see you ended up besting our former racer Carl Devincent. He moved on to racing with JRA and specifically mentioned to me before the race he was hoping he would finally beat you Saturday.

    Don’t get me wrong I love Carl, he’s a great guy but when it comes down to it he switched colors and I will always make fun of him from now on when he fails to finish in front of some Black and Green 🙂