Treasure Valley

(Written by Emma Tucker)

Of the NEMBA racing team, Kevin, Karina, Joseph, John, and I were at Treasure Valley Rally on Saturday, May tenth.  The day started early for me.  As we – my dad and I – had a four hour drive ahead of us and the race started at eleven, we got up at five fifteen.  It was raining.  Not just raining, but raining hard.  On top of that, the weather guys were predicting a chance of thunder storms.  Fun.  If you are inside, that is, not so fun when you are out in the woods.  Thankfully, that did not happen.  It stopped raining on the way down.  However, it did remain cloudy until part way through the race.

We started by the pond, with all the novice going off last.  As soon as we got out of the field, the rocks started.  At first, it was mostly gravel; but the further we went, the bigger the rocks.  Before we had gone three miles, we had ledge to ride on in a few spots.  There were at least two people who had flat tires because of the rocks, just in the first few miles.  That is classic for this course.

The first half of the novices’ loop was up hill.  Near the top of the hill was a house-sized rock that is called Samson’s Pebble.  At this point, someone directed us as to which direction to go.  The sport, expert, elite, and fat bike (new this year) riders got to do extra.  Their course was more like a figure eight with an ‘O’ attached to the top.  The novice skipped the farthest loop, and turned right at the pebble instead of going straight.  After the pebble, the rocks changed from ledge and fist-sized, to pointy and awkwardly angled rocks anywhere from fist sized to bigger than my bike.  After we went through a small field under some power lines, the trail got a bit smoother, with fewer rocks.  Toward the end, we crossed a road, and rode down by the edge of the water to the finish.

They started with the novice awards, and they gave every person who placed on the podium a pint glass, with the TVR logo on it.  In the pint glass, they gave us a raffle ticket, so, if we were lucky, we could win a gift certificate to either a bike shop or a gas station.  For the juniors, there was a separate raffle where they had a chance of winning a Carver bike frame.

I was probably the most lucky person there.  They started with the raffle that every one who had placed could join in.  I won a twenty-five dollar gift certificate to a bike shop.  Then they did the raffle for the juniors, starting with the girls.  I won.  Now, I just need to get the pieces to make it a bike.

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