Trail Day

Trail Day
(photographs courtesy of Philip Keyes)

A big part of being a member of NEMBA is doing trail maintenance, Ride the Trails / Save the Trails.  I honestly don’t do as much as I should but this past Saturday was a scheduled trail day at the Land Locked Forest in Bedford MA, a place I have been riding for over four years.  It’s a small trail network but I really love the place.  It’s a short drive from work for me and a great place to bring beginners or have a fun social ride.

The particular section to be board walked consisted of a challenging 50 foot rock field that is partially submerged by a small river making it difficult to find the appropriate line.  The flowing water and unstable rocks also make walking through this section of trail very dangerous for walkers.

There were about 20 people who showed up for the trail day.  The majority of us spent the morning transporting the building materials to the site which thankfully was only a 5 minute walk away.  All the wood was pressure treated and a bit waterlogged due to the recent rains.   While we moved the lumber the trail Guru’s went to work marking the locations of the boardwalk and getting the sleepers into place.  Getting to watch these guys at work was a real treat, the rock work at the base was amazing and the boardwalk itself was perfectly level.

Once the base and cross beams of the boardwalk were in place a chorus of hammers could be heard for miles as the top planks were assembled.   At noon the group took a break to have some pizza which was most appreciated.  It took about 7 hours total for the group to complete the 100 feet of boardwalk and it came out amazing.  The best part is that the trail guru’s of GB NEMBA were able to keep much of the original line through the rock garden providing a challenge for those of us who enjoyed taking the hard way across. :-p

At the end of the day I was asked to try out the trail improvements on the bike 🙂  Nice job everyone!

-Carl DeVincent


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