Tour de Bully – NH100 Training Ride

Looks like no one else wants to take a stab and documenting this ride so I guess I’ll do it…for posterity. Ended up being about 8 people not scared off by the prospect of being bullied around most of what Bear Brook has to offer. All strong riders so it was going to be an interesting day.

Some decent rain passed through the night before. Trails were a bit soggy early with some small puddles here and there but it was firm underneath and it was better than Moody and Glocester so we were happy to get at it.

I still don’t know the names/locations of the trails at BB well enough to accurately say what we did when. All I know is we did most all of the good stuff. Took some risks descending and got in a few tough climbs. The answer to “Hey should we go left or right?” was “Go up”. It was a great ride to get ready for the 100. Rugged doubletrack, technical singletrack, and a little bit of walking for us single speeders.

After about 20mi we stopped at the cars to refuel. A few riders couldn’t take the bullying anymore and decided to head home. 5 riders went off for round two and only 3 returned. Me and Carl were the only two to withstand the full bully onslaught. Greg snuck off about a mile or two into round two because he was having too much fun and needed to get back to the car to call his Gu rep and order 4 more boxes because he loves the stuff so much.

All in all it was a great day (except for those damn deerflies)


Tour de Bully – NH100 Training Ride — 2 Comments

  1. Brutal course. And, for anyone who thinks Powerbar Gel is as good as Hammer Gel, think again. Not only did it do nothing, it made me feel ill the whole ride. Rage! OK, over 2200 feet of climbing, now I don’t feel so bad!

  2. A ride that was not to be missed! Four NEMBA team riders. Kevin O, Greg K, Carl D, and Myself. Also in attendance NEMBA/GT Team John and Kathy (experts), Ben C (SS expert), and Brian S (12 hour HOGG solo) Here’s some help with the trails Kevin. Bear brook trail, Catamount to the cut off, over to the new NEMBA built trail that gets you up to Sentinel pine, A small portion of Cascade, back to Sentinel Pine, up to Carr Ridge, Up Lane Trail (sand hill), Back to Sentinel Pine, Hayes Field, up Podunk to Hedgehog Cut off, up and Over Bear hill, I trail in Reverse, Up and over Hall Mountain, Complete Hedgehog, Podunk Rd to Hayes field, Little Bear upper and lower, back to cars. 2nd half. Pitch pine, first section, broken boulder, back into Pitch Pine 2nd section, back to Broken Boulder, back to Pitch Pine 3rd section, Campground rd (dirt doubletrack), Beaver Pond, and back Campground rd (paved)

    As we speak i’m working on the rest of the course. which will include from Beaver Pond. Lynx Trail, Chipmunk, Salt Lick, Podunk, and Fort Mountain. That should be enough to put us in the mid 40’s for miles. Still would like to include Bobcat and Lower half of Broken Boulder somehow. There is a turn that in 09 takes you to South rd, from there you can take a left and be on Deerfield rd and starting the Fort Mountain climb.