Too Long

so it has been too long a wait to get to this blog.

I have had a better beginning to my season than a second half I was sick and should not have raced at Pinicle because i had bad result at that and Moody. that’s life. I have been working on my fitness and I took some rest for the past month. I missed Camden last week and was dissapointed but had family to be with.

The past few  weeks have been great for training with some longer rides and some great intervals, I feel good and expect to do well this weekend at Horror.

cheers and enjoy the new pics


if you would like to view photos of the mud fest go to


Too Long — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for the pics Al. Should be a good weekend for us on Sunday. I’m feeling pretty good on the bike too.

  2. Alfred you got some great pics in there. Good mix of speed, elation and suffering. What are you a professional photog or something? 😉

    I’ve also been having some good ‘sensations’ in the legs this week. Looking forward to tomorrow. It’ll be nice to have start times arranged so we’ll all be there and getting ready at the same time. Team Green in force!