The Unrace at Windham

Everyone has to have one of these periodically. Fortunately, I have not had a mechanical failure in quite some time.

Here is the low down. The citizen race at Windham happened on the same course as the Pro World Cup Race. It was 5.5K(3.3 miles) and 600 feet of climbing per lap. This promised to be a very challenging course with steep, dusty climbs, rocky single track, and technical downhills.

I did a single lap before the race at a leisurely 30 minute pace and figured that I could probably do 25 minute laps at race pace. I was glad that I did a lap as there were several technical areas where riding slowly through and picking out the line was important.

At least all of this seemed important prior to the race.

I started out in the back half of the pack so that I could pick off racers on the climbs for motivation and also utilize the knowledge of the course that others had. I was feeling OK and picked off 5 racers before the unfortunate flat tire happened. I was a bit surprised as I had never felt the tire bottom out on the rim. Needless to say I had a nasty pinch flat. I was on track to change the flat in less than 2 min until my CO2 cartridge decided to jam up and release all of the CO2 in one shot. I didn’t have a pump and it turned out later that my spare tube was defective as well.

Game over.

We still had an awesome weekend watching the pros race on Sat and hanging out with some NEMBA racing mates and also one of my Seven Cycles teammates.

I will let Carl and Dustin tell their stories as well. I am not sure how they fared but they looked good on the laps that I caught.

Next up for me is Wrath of the Boneyard.


The Unrace at Windham — 3 Comments

  1. I feel your pain having also recently been feeling good only to have a wheel taco on me. Nothing you can do but get it in your rear view and keep on moving.

    Lucky for you the Boneyard is very easy going on equipment….oh wait.

    Good luck out there.

  2. Sorry to hear that Art…..kick some butt at the boneyard! It was good seeing you briefly….I wasn’t sure if it was actually you that I saw or maybe I was just hallucinating from the extreme heat..haha. I did alright considering I made a few dumb moves early on in the 1st lap…got 7th outta 10 in my field. Next year I plan on changing my gear ratio a bit and coming out with both guns drawn….I really loved that course!

  3. It is definitely in the rear view at this point. The course was certainly tough and required some low gears for the mortals. Adam Craig raced on a 34×17 I heard. Wow.

    I did manage to eek out 38 miles off road yesterday in preparation for the Wilderness 101.