The Stable

The stable is ready for another season.  Singlespeed, Hi Fi, Rocky Solo Team, and the newest editon soon to be completed “Superfly”  Yes, I know there is a CX bike missing!  Been a tough winter up here in Merrimack so i’ve been doing to my best to keep in shape.  I purchased a set of skate ski’s (cause thats what many of the experts do) and that has worked out well to keep the excess lbs off and keep the cardio going.  For the last few weeks I have been doing my best to get in at least 7 hours on some form of bike and next week plan on increasing that total.  Weight is back to where it should be and it’s now just a matter of getting quality miles.Weekend is looking nice.  Will be heading out shortly for some hill work.  1/2 century planned on the road for tomorrow so we can let the trails dry out a bit.  Weather should be warming in the coming weeks too.


The Stable — 7 Comments

  1. Can’t wait to see that Superfly tearing it up at the race. Make sure there’s a saddle on it first though.

    • LOL… WTB Silverado on it’s way! Hey Preacher is there any way to post any of our “special rides” on the site? Bear Brook Epic’s, Kanc Rides, etc… Be great to get some of those green team kits together.

    • The bikes are actually in the basement. However, they do tend to find their way up to the dining room from time to time.