The Pinnacle EFTA NECS #3

This was a tough one to swallow for me but there were good indications for my future, I’m knocking on the door of where I’ve wanted to be for a long time.  So even though this race was very disappointing for me I’m super motivated to push even harder through the rest of the season.

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In other news…we did awesome this past weekend!  I officially lost count of all our podium appearances.  Its so cool to see our colors in the mix across the board.  I particularly love seeing our Junior riders doing well and progressing fast.  Seeing Eric V. and Nate M. blasting down the Plummet 1-2 in the Novice Race was awesome to watch.  I can’t imagine how fast I’d be now if I had that amount of confidence and riding ability at that age.  Future of the sport!


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