The Pinnacle 2013

I got my shoulder ‘working’ just in time to keep my Pinnacle attendance streak alive.  I think this is 7 or 8 years in a row for me.  I showed up sporting at least an extra 200 grams in tape holding my body together and its a good thing I did because CARBON IS STIFF.

My result would probably best be described as ‘meh’ but I was just happy to be back out on dirt even though I got thoroughly thrashed.  Pro Tip: The Pinnacle is not the best way to ease back into riding.

I’ll be doing some deep meditation and thought over the next few weeks about how badly I beat myself up and what I should do about that.  HTFU? Return to nice ‘comfortable’ steel? Actually get some suspension??? Stay tuned…

My full report can be found here.

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