The Dating Game (Out with the Old in with the New)

Plenty of dating sites out there for finding that special someone.  How about a site for finding that special match between shifter and derailleur?  Since I don’t think one exists for finding component compatibility.  I decided to take a chance on a 9 speed XO mid cage for my new race rig which comes with, yup 10 speed stuff.  I’ve read some stuff online but nobody was really sure.  So last night I was installing the crank, cassette, and 9 speed XO.  Got it all set up and started the gear run through.  Pretty smooth, shift down, smooth, shift down, smooth, shift down, click click, smooth, shift down, click click click.  Maybe it’s my mechanical abilities?  Tried it a few times, tensioned the cable, still an issue.  So took off the XO and replaced with the OEM X9.  Shift down, smooth, shift down, smooth, all the way through.  Yep  SRAM guys are pretty smart.  Ordered a shiny new XO this AM mid cage.  So now you know (if you didn’t already know) 10 speed only.  1 to 1 actuation, shifter and cable are one.  A perfect match.  No special web site needed to find that perfect compatibility. 

Still running 9 speed on the “old” 2010 bike.


The Dating Game (Out with the Old in with the New) — 4 Comments

  1. Time to quit screwing around and just throw a road crank up front. What is the capacity of that SRAM stuff? I bet you could jam a compact crank up there, 50-34? No problem.

    You’ll be so fast…

  2. LOL! Low BB on the fisher. I’ll be smashing everything! 50/34 would be a great hampshire 100 experiment… Kinda like that monster cross you have. Why don’t you show everyone a picture of that thing!

    • it actually doesn’t exist anymore, parts have been swapped around. That bike was just a moment in time…it burned bright but didn’t last long.

      You’re my boy blue! you’re my boy……