Sweet Ribons

It’s vacation time for the Bully family and for three of the last four years we’ve stayed in Dennisport MA. My wife loves the beach and if we must go to the beach for vacation then I prefer the warmer waters of southern side of the cape. We stay on a small private rd and have use of the private beach that is less than fifty yards from our door.

Anyway, this trip would allow me to get in some primo cape cod riding. Everybody knows Otis and Trail Of Tears, but there’s also a trail network off exit 7 willow street. Cape tool of choice was the Superfly Elite. Was going to bring the SS as well but there’s only so much room in the cottage and the Rocky already claimed a spot under the mantle. Classic cape riding at it’s finest. Hardpack, twisty, and almost no roots at all makes for a roller coaster type ride. The south trailhead splits into two almost immediately. I took the left. The terrain is almost all identical. Cape style ribbon with those low lying bushes. The whole place is like this!

The trails here are not completely flat as one might think. There were quite a few punchy climbs that slowed the pace at times. No worries though since what goes up must come down. Lots of carving with the new Maxxis Ignitors that I just installed on Thursday. A full knobby that tips the scales at 607g! Tires rolled unexpectedly well too. A big thanks to the product bully for the recommended tires. As you can see the earth is not flat. I think those two turbines in the distance are the ones at Otis.

A good morning ride indeed. Will be headed to TOT tomorrow. Beach takes more out of me than riding a bike.


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