SSUSA 2012

Single-speed USA was hosted in Stowe, Vermont this year.  Registration filled up long ago and the turnout was huge on Saturday.  There were riders from Vermont, New England and a many others from all over the country.  The team was represented at the event by Kevin Orlowski, Dustin DeLuke, Shaun Pinney and Mark Tucker.  Riding up the road with almost 200 other single-speeders was a pretty awesome experience.  Absolutely nothing was to be taken very seriously here except riding and having a good time.

Dustin, Kevin, Shaun and Mark before the "race"

In retrospect, I’m not sure if this event is a race or a party; I guess that depends on your level of participation. I rode it as a race and had a super-sized serving of fun finishing 30 miles in just under three hours – around 20th place overall.  Not long after I came in, the festivities overtook any attempts at timekeeping.  The rest of our crew stuck together and seemed to thoroughly enjoy being in the thick of the ride.  One thing is for sure: the riding was incredible with classic Vermont mountain single-track.  Super long climbs and fast, flowing downhills were served up in big helpings.

Of course, we have some blog posts if you’d like more details: Myself, Shaun and Kevin each have our experiences documented on our respective blogs.



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  1. thanks for the link Mark. This event was great, more of a party than a race. I usually don’t do tequila shots at the pinnacle….