Spring Training

springSnow, ice, freeze/thaw, is it going to get cold enough? Kittens exploding, ruts, trails braided, angry trail builders, depressed mountain bikers, trolling every social media site to find a trail rideble… driving anywhere to ride that trail… it must be spring in the Northeast; I gotta get out of here, I need to ride my bike…

Every spring, for eight years now, I head to Blacksburg, VA to ride with great friends, find new trail and tap out for just a few days… we all love that. This year takes new meaning: It’s a six day, ride everyday trip, I have a jam packed race/ride schedule coming up this season and I’m trying not to embarrass myself in a NEMBA kit. So… here we go…

Today is Patapsco Valley State Park (http://dnr2.maryland.gov/publiclands/Pages/central/patapsco.aspx), my home away from home. Just outside of Baltimore, an incredible network of tight, twisty, flowy, technical, and serious climbs. You can get whatever you want here and string together huge days. MORE/IMBA (http://www.more-mtb.org/) has done amazing work here the past few years or so… a great kickoff. Then to Harrisonburg, VA and a day with the crew from Shenandoah Mountain Touring. They put on the Dragons Tale, SM100 and others. It’s my first time in these mountains and with the SM100 on tap for the fall, I’m excited.

If we make it out of there, it’s down to Blacksburg and Jefferson Natl’ Forest and my friend of 20+ years house backing up to the Natl’ Forest. We’ve been coming here for so long I’ve gotten to know these trails. Huge elevation, all day rides, suffering, it feels like a backcountry excursion, you’re out in the middle of nowhere. There will be fourteen of us, I think these are the days we all want when we get on the bike.

Leaving Blacksburg it’s off to Carvins Cove (http://www.roanokeoutside.com/carvinscove). My first time here, it’s the poster child for sustainable trails around a major water source on the East Coast. Heading north it’s off to Meadowood in Northern VA (http://meadowoodproject.org/). Another amazing project that has been led by MORE and another first time stop for me. I’ll wrap it up with a return trip to PVSP and a day of spinning to see if my legs are still fully functional.

So, we’re off… a lot of miles, great friends, a lot of quality libations… stay tuned

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