Sometimes you Just Know

After what I thought was a surprising result at the Grind for me,  I was looking for a repeat performance at EFTA #2 Weeping Willow.  Always looking for a top 10 finish to grab some of the much needed points.  All the big boys would be there and then some.

The Grind I must say beat me up pretty good, and with a week of rain and crappy conditions getting in some miles would be tough.  Tuesdays group training ride would certainly be cancelled as well.  Monday I was beat, Tuesday came around, and I was glad there was not going to be a ride (still beat), Wednesday I had to ride and get some kind of miles in.  I chose to ride out of the my house and hit some local trails.  Legs were heavy, and muscles were still sore, hit it for about 2 hours on and off road and then the rains came as I was finishing up.  (great more rain)   Thursday I was feeling more run down and when I woke up on Friday I had contemplated taking the day off from work.  Joints were stiff, muscles were sore, stuffy nose, etc…   Saturday I went out for a short 40 minute ride felt ok, but a little tired still, it was hard getting the heart rate up.  How was Sunday going to turn out?

Warmed up for about a half hour, and then lined up.  I had mentioned to a few of the guys around me, “easy roll out right” “neutral start”   5 seconds… Go!  What’s the difference between Sport and Expert?  One of them has to be the start.  It was the fastest start I have ever been a part of.  Everyone wants to ride at the front and for good reason, being top five into the woods is not only good for the spirits it also gets you out of the potential conga line.  It was at about mile one that I knew this would be a long day.   I started second row back, right behind Steve Crossley and also close to Andy Gould.  The plan was to try to hang “there’s always a plan” but I would loose spots on that fire road and would hit the woods back in 15th or so.   At about mile three, I saw Gould with his bike upside down with what looked like a flat. (turns out that would be the end of his day)  I had one crash on the day, and it must have been a good one cause at the end of lap one I looked down to see my front wheel wobbling back and forth. (good thing we don’t use rim brakes anymore)  I settled into what I called group “B” for the rest of the race and just tried to limit the damage. Result, 12th place.

So, what were the positives?  How could there be any?  Turns out I took a little visit to the doc’s office Monday.  Bronchitis and sinus infection!  Yep.  Racing sick and not 100%. So turns out 12th isn’t so bad after all.  Your body doesn’t lie, and sometimes you just know when something isn’t quite right.  Stay positive, plenty of racing left this year.  Next up everyones favorite race The Big Ring Rumpus!  Got Leg Power?


Sometimes you Just Know — 8 Comments

  1. Damn what happened to the front wheel? Did you bend the rim? On the second lap I saw someone else on the side of the trail with a taco’d front wheel. A lot of people took hard crashes that race

  2. I know Bill got his bell rung as well. He said he dumped three times, once really hard. I “almost” crahed twice in the same damn turn. 16 miles and the same spot got me twice? Weird, but it was one of those slick roots right in my line and it wasn’t obvious.

  3. Nice race everyone! It was great to get out there with the team atmosphere – I’ll bring more beer at The Pinnacle (should be fine in the school parking lot). This was my first SS race, I finished 20th out of 30 which isn’t great but I think I can build on it. I need to figure out how to limit the lower back pain I have been experiencing – zaps me of all power. My legs and lungs felt fine, the back pain stops me in my tracks.

    I wrote a full recap of my race over on my personal blog:

    • Shaun, I have the same issue with my lower back. I could barely take off my shoes on Sunday.

      • I keep hearing it’s all about stretching and core strength, which I’ve been working on, but I am also thinking about throwing money at the problem with a bike fitting….

        • Pretty sure my issue is core strength and not fit. I don’t get the pain until I put in a real hard effort up the steep stuff. Normal group rides it doesn’t bother me much just racing mostly.