Singletrack Misfit

For years I have been a singletrack misfit, faster than the casual rider and slower than most of the more serious ones. I’ve always been able to crank out the miles, but usually at my own pace. When riding with others, I always found myself wanting to be faster but lacking the dedication to put the hours in the saddle to get there. It’s a big reason why I joined the NEMBA team in the first place. I figured if I represented a team, I’d be more likely to stick to my commitment. That said, I figured I’d put in some time and try and represent well in the Novice class. Well, I have been sticking to my commitment and I have been putting in the saddle time to make sure I represent the NEMBA team as best I can.

I never really thought about any other added benefits to joining a team until this week. Ride Bully sent out an e-mail this week calling out the sport contingent. It was just the motivation I needed to suck it up and step to the plate. I entered the Weeping Willow as a sport vet I for the first time ever. In doing so, I crossed a mental barrier for me. I made a commitment to myself and our team to train harder than I ever have before.

I have an eight mile loop at Willow street that I ride every two weeks or so to use as a time trial. Today I set my fastest time ever…by a good margin. It felt incredible. Today I felt like I was one step closer to my goal of joing the ranks of the more serious riders, and no longer being a singletrack misfit.

Thanks for the motivation Shawn!



Singletrack Misfit — 5 Comments

  1. Careful Jason once you open that door and let the Bully in there is no turning back…before you know it you’ll be putting up strong Sport results and he’ll be demanding your presence in Expert Vet I. If you don’t believe me ask Carl.

    but seriously great post. every one of us is at some stage of that same journey. hurts like hell but man is it fun!

  2. Jason. I think you were asking about rides around the Willowdale area. Talk to Carl about the when and where. The best way to get faster is to ride with faster guys and set goals and stretch goals for the season. Oh, and thanks for the great comment. Nice to see one of the new guys posting.

  3. What a perfect way to create the motivation! Nice job. Awesome post. I can wait to see you kicking some tail at the races!