Ride Update

Weather, Weather, Weather.   Ahh riding in the Whites.  Unpredictable, large temp swings, and snow banks at the tops.  Wanted to post a reminder for Friday the 22nd for those of you with the day off or wishing to take the day off.  I have done this ride in the past parking in Warren NH and doing an out and back.  Since then I’ve found that parking at the Visitors Center in Lincoln directly off the exit is the best starting point.

Here’s the Details;

10:30 Meet Lincoln Visitors center (rt 93 exit 32) Visitor center is directly in front of you when you get off the exit.  The visitor center also has a bathroom.  Ride will have multiple distance options.  Gonzo Pass (rt 118) to Warren and back.  For those of you wishing to continue Kanc pass over and back.  Total ride should be approx 70 miles or less.



Ride Update — 7 Comments

  1. Ouch.

    I have “fond” memories of my last ride up and over Gonzo with freezing rain up top and descending through razor sharp ice shards at 40+mph. YeeHaa! As long as the weather doesn’t promise a repeat, I will be there.

  2. Hehe… Chalk it up as a classics ride! I love riding in the whites. Perhaps ATAC will have out kits ready a week early? I know we have 6 or 7 definates so far for the full ride. Going to be a great time.

    • wow 6-7?! That’s a regular peloton. Plenty of places for me to hide from the wind.

      Just an FYI up front…if anyone throws their chain I’m going to attack.

      • Sounds like a Bully move! I usually wait for someone to flat then I attack.
        I’ll let you and Carl battle it out for supremacy in the hills.
        Will have the camera to doccument the accelerations!

  3. Katz, if I can make this year so can you. If you want to plan a shorter route I may be interested. Otherwise bully may leave me to the vultures…

    • I am confident Greg will want to make the full ride. He will enjoy watching you suffer with you full sized rings.