Rally in the Valley

I don’t know if it is a TVR thing or an end of the season thing but the two times I have done the TVR I have had mental breakthroughs in my racing. 3 years ago I finally beat one of the ‘fast guys’ and secured my 3rd place in the NECS because of it. I finally realized the progress I had made and made the switch from assuming I would DFL to realizing I could hold some of these wheels.

This year I realized that I am very close to being one of those ‘fast guys’. I distinctly remember a few guys who would flat or have mechanicals back when I started racing and I would be dumbfounded at how quickly they would catch me and still beat me even though I was given 5-10mins on them. Now the tables have turned and I flatted early and still managed to pass all but one of the people who got by me.

Maybe next year I’ll drop some weight off the bike, upgrade some parts, and try to bump up to ‘stupid fast’…

full recap here.


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