Rainy Non Race Weekend

A bunch of us were scheduled to hit Willowdale Sunday at 8AM.  The weekend rain changed those plans though.  Forecast was calling for the showers to taper by mid morning and a few guys ended up hitting LDT state forest.  The place drains really well and we’ve done many a ride there after poor weather with no issues.

I on the other hand after a five day break from pushing pedals was wanting to do my own thing, and with the Pinnacle looming on the horizon I wanted to get in some hill work.  Where to go….  Crappy weather…. Plenty of hills nearby….  No, those wont do…  Ahhhh Miller state park comes to mind.  (Pack Monadnock)

Finally the sign has been fixed to show proper gradient.



Its only about a 25 minute drive out for me.  My plan for the late AM was to… well… Ride up and ride down.  I chose a random number of four times to do this.  Do it six times and you’re right up there with Mt Washington vertical.  The climb is no joke and it’s the steepest sustained climb that I know of.  Here’s some stats;

Vertical Rise (ft)            Distance (mi)        Avg/Max Grade

Washington Auto Road               4727                                7.6                         11.9/22

Pack Monadnock                           788                                 1.3                         11.9/20

Here’s my route Mapmyride Not sure MapMyRide is entirely accurate.  The above numbers are from a well trusted source.

So was this a Road ride?  Not entirely.  Feeling a bit bad that I didn’t go south for a small off road adventure with the green jersey boys.  I still wanted to get a little bit of dirt on the tires.  So the Link above should show also an additional climb.  This Climb is up the old abandoned Temple mountain ski resort.  It’s a loosely packed climb with loose rock, and exposed bedrock.  The ride down would be better with some rear suspension.

Some of you may be wondering how one gets up the Temple mountain climb on a road bike.  Never said it was a road ride, but I know what you were thinking.  Well, part of Sundays motivation was due to my new (old) build.  23.8 lbs if you must know.  Not as light as the True Elite bike that Trek puts out but hopefully this one will last longer than just two rides!

Trek sent me this Bazzaro frame.  The same blue highlights, but the black and white are exact opposites.  Oh and it also says Elite on it.  Maybe I should cover up the Elite decal?

Until next time.


Rainy Non Race Weekend — 2 Comments

  1. Nice Shawn, how did the legs feel after a week of rest? I’m considering a similar rest week. Awesome to see the Superfly back together. Did she climb well?

  2. A week to rest and a the new bike returns….Sunday sould be a good day for you!