Racing started today for Art

It was great to meet and ride with all the NEMBA racing teammates that could make the ride last weekend!  It was also great to see some of you tear it up at Burlingame.  I wish I that I could have have been there myself.  I was able to kick off my racing season today with an off-load duathlon.  The race is called Brian’s Beachside Boogie.  It is in Madison, CT.  I did it for the first time last year and had a lot of fun even though I am not terribly good at running.

The day started with egg sandwiches at my mother in law’s house and then a warm up ride from here place to the race.  I really like races that are only a few miles from where I sleep.  It sure beats getting up at the crack of dawn to get to the venue.  I had to layer up for the ride over as it was only 36 degrees when I left.  20 minutes later I got to the course and got my number and caught up with some friends.  Then I did a warm up run and headed over to the start line.

As is usually the case with me I took off for the first 2 mile run at a pace way faster than I could sustain.  I quickly settled in.  After about 15 minutes of trail running I switched up to the MTB for the 10 mile bike portion.  I run in my MTB shoes so that I can make up a bit of time in the transition.  The MTB portion is as flat as a pancake and very fast. The 10 miles were completed in just over 30 minutes.  There is quite a bit of asphalt on the course.  It was a good course for my fully rigid titanium MTB.  I can’t wait for my new Seven Cycles 29er though!  Next I transitioned back to running for the second two mile loop.  This time my legs felt numb from the first run and the cycling portion.  I had a decent pace and only got passed by two people.

It turned out to be a good first day in the 40-44 age group for me.  I got 3rd place in the division and 20th overall.  It was awesome to have the family including my in laws out there cheering.  It really helps to keep you moving.

Next up for me is the Winding Trails MTB race on April 22 in Farmington, CT.


Racing started today for Art — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks! I hope that we can all get out for the ride in the Whites on Friday.