Racers Rule

Winter in the Northeast? Not this year. Last year at this time all I was doing is skate skiing. In fact I did so right up until mid March. This year has been blended into last year, and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. They say it’s good to take a break from cycling. Maybe if your a pro? I’m not good enough at it to take a real break. So today it was more “base miles” with the powers that be.

Headed down to Wakefield to hook up with Crossley, DeVincent, Caron, and Albert. The ride was described to me as an early season steady effort type of ride. But let’s face it, name one of the above mentioned riders has never done base anything.

Steve was on his new SuperSix, so that was just fuel for the fire. Matt was on his new Kona Honkey. Disk brakes, steel frame and a SRAM Red cassette. This may have been his first true group road ride as well.

I’ll add the GPS route later but lets just say guys were popping like corn from the get go. Most noticeable was on Trapello Rd heading west. Crossley decided to lay waste to the field on the largest hill of the day. The trend would continue for the duration of the ride. At one point we were throwing down on a downhill! Surely this was no base building ride.

All in all it was a 60+ mile day at a 17.5 mile pace. Not bad when you consider the multiple stops, lights, traffic, and waiting at intersections for the boys in the auto bus.   http://connect.garmin.com/activity/150607403 



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  1. damn you guys are getting a lot of early season miles! I reluctantly began the transition away from skiing to riding this past weekend. Still pretty cold up here, descending big climbs hurts real bad! If things don’t change soon I’ll be driving south on the weekends instead of north…