Racer Application

NEMBA Racing consists of racers of varying ages and ability levels. While racing with NEMBA Racing is not exclusively about your resume of race results, we are looking to support and help passionate racers grow and achieve their goals throughout the season. Whether that goal is your first race, your first complete season, or landing on the top step of the podium, we want to help you.

NEMBA Racing is grateful to have some amazing support for the 2022 season via partnerships with ESIGrips, Skratch Labs, and awesome team race kit by Athlos.

We plan to have three big team rides this season, and as many smallers rides as we can schedule such as race course pre-rides, training rides, etc.

If you are thinking about racing and think a team atmosphere would help you be successful or you are just looking for a little camaraderie out on the race course why not sign up for the 2022 season and challenge yourself while helping NEMBA promote its mission of trail advocacy.

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