Prepping for Massasoit

Lucas and Katie were the stokers

Fabian posted on my wall (Facebook) me this morning and asked whether I was riding today and told him I was tandeming with my daughter at noon on the Housatonic Rail Trail in Trumbull at Noon.  Fabian checked to see if one his stokers were available and it was Lucas.  We decided to meet at the parking lot on Tait Rd.

End of the Line

We rode through three towns, starting in Trumbull, through Monroe, and ending up in Newtown on the ill famed Newtown Rail Trail to nowhere.  It’s really a continuation of the Housatonic Rail Trail but the town only owns the first 1600 feet of trail and the rest is owned by the Operational Rail Road company and a bankrupt aluminum smelting operation now an EPA Brownfield site.

Katie and our Burley Tandem

The last section is basically buff singletrack and our tandems had no trouble negotiating the last section. The trail ends in a sort of turn-around that goes over the old track that is still there. We took a much needed brake, fed and watered the horses (us the captains) and posed for a few photo opportunities.

Then we were off and heading back down the trail to where we started in Trumbull.  It was a nice workout and good 20 mile ride with the kids.


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