Pinnacle Post

The move from Novice to Sport is a significant one.  Today was my 4th race in the Sport class.  The Sport Vet II (40-49) class usually is the largest class and very competitive.  I’ve been holding my own but the extra distance is something that I am just coming to terms with.

The first two races of the year I found myself cramping by the last lap.  Fortunately, that problem seems to be gone.  Making the jump to Sport means looking at the areas for improvement and its not just the bike or fitness.  Like it or not body weight matters in cycling and I have 10 more pounds to get rid of.  I haven’t been far out of the top ten but far enough to know I still have work to do.  No way I am sitting around through the Winter next year.  That was a big mistake this season.  The good news is that my lap times are faster than last year and my fitness is better.

The field today was 20+ so I knew the first lap was going to be busy.  A poor warm up and instant climbing did not suit me today.  I quickly found myself in survival mode.  Way too early but the damage was done.  I settled in and by lap two and three I felt much better but by that time I was already pretty far back.

For those that have not run this race a full lap is about six miles.  I know its very simplistic to describe it this way but, its pretty much up and then DOWN.  The descent is awesome, hand numbing awesome.  Whether this course suits your style or not you will enjoy the ride.

When all was said and done I finished 14th, better than I expected as it felt like dead last for most of the race.

Congrats to everyone on the team.  The results speak for themselves.  Great team.


Pinnacle Post — 4 Comments

  1. Great race Greg. i moved from sport to ss this season, so i know all about trying to adjust to a new format. way to stick with it and come in strong at the end. the pinnacle is by far the best efta race, nothing comes close to in my opinion. although orlowski tells me that moody is pretty sweet too.

  2. Nice job out there to all you guys! You sure have a great NEMBA contingent at the EFTA races. Great to see all the Green and Yellow out there.

  3. Greg, we’ve talked about it. You are there. 10 lbs and you’ll be mixing it up. Steamfresh, and more quality miles.