Pay Dirt

Pay Dirt points have been posted:

Apparently Carl and I are the only true through and through NEMBA Racers. Congrats Carl. Locking up a points title and running up the score with some PayDirt points. I like your style.

I also noticed we have a chance to bump Blue Steel off the podium in the Team Standings with a good showing at TVR. Lets put an exclamation point on the season…I know I’ll be going for broke.


Pay Dirt — 4 Comments

  1. Nice work Kevin, I’m hoping the paydirt points are also good towards the team competition

  2. nice job kevin and carl. i would love to build some trails/get more involved next season. maybe we should have a running post of trail build days across the various nemba groups, that way everyone knows when they are happening and can plan to attend well in advance, just like we do with the races.