NoVa Epic

The past four years I’ve made the trip south for the MORE/IMBA MOCO Epic (more, a supported ride through Montgomery County, MD. Pick your distance, great trails, good party, all around good time. Last year they added the NoVa Epic, touring through the trails and parks of Northern Virginia… this year I was in, more miles.

I ride a lot in the Mid Atlantic, family there, friends in that area, a brother who has been very active with MORE for several years. It’s a sure bet that their events are going to be a good time. The trails see a lot of care, it’s a great crew of folks who volunteer and ride… and they always have the best beer sponsors.

We chose the 40+ route, my brother and four others. I had ridden the two days prior and was excited about that mileage. There’s not much elevation down there, the trails wouldn’t be too technical and I knew we’d have road work connecting the parks. The weather was perfect and was set for a great day on the bike…

The day was a mix of singletrack, fire roads and road work as I expected. Anytime I ride in that area I’m fascinated by the fact that I’m just miles from DC, trail crossings under the capital beltway, some of the sweetest singletrack around. There was your standard mix of getting lost, local saboteurs tearing the flag marks, mechanicals and a lot of laughing.

who needs a star nut...

who needs a star nut…

There were some real highlights: Great Falls National Park is an amazing place. We were not only able to ride in the park but to hit some of the singletrack as well… the views of the Potomac there will blow you away (nice job by MORE pulling that permit). Lake Fairfax Park in Reston, VA has built some really outrageous trails as well. We finished there ripping through some machined stuff, full of features, berms, drops, rocks… and it flows nicely into the existing trail network, it really was a great place to close.

MORE crew, representing SCUD, Team XXL, NEMBA and LHORBA at Great Falls, VA.

MORE crew, representing SCUD, Team XXL, NEMBA and LHORBA at Great Falls, VA.

We ended up putting in 50 miles and some 3,500 ft of elevation (well, that’s what my app said), as Jason from Team XXL later posted our ride description, “PBR > Start > Got lost > Got Lost again > Not Lost > PBR > Lost Again > Finish”.┬áThese longer saddle events are setting me up for the SM100, I needed the saddle time… and this was a good crew; Jason, Jim, Mark, Ian and Dave – all strong riders, great to ride with.

MORE is putting on two more Epic rides with the Patapsco Epic and the MOCO Epic this year. Huge props go to Holly and the MORE team organizing and executing these events, it is no small task.

If you can go get in them, do it – they’re so fun…






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