Would those smiles last?  Not likely…

This was my third year at the 100 and my best to date.  Weather and course conditions were the best I’ve experienced since my first go at it in ’09.  I would like to propose for next year Bully and Crossley ditching those gears and getting into a 4 man TT in the singlespeed class with me and Dustin (5 man TT with Pinney as well?).  Rest of the field won’t know what hit them.

Here is my recap.


NH100 — 3 Comments

  1. Dustin is a monster. Him and the Bully should team up and give fire-road swirlies to anyone with V-brakes. I got one yesterday when I ate in a puddle at mile 45 going 20mph…it was deep, too.

  2. There was a mud puddle at the start of a grassy section towards the end. It looked harmless, nope, it was deep….