NH100 2012

Another year another epic!  My race was an absolute DOOZY.  I spent almost as much time writing that post up as I did experiencing it so I’ll keep this one short.  It was great to see this race step up to the NUE stage in such a successful way.  Everything was incredibly well organized and it was cool to have riders coming from all over the country to ride NH.

It was also great to see some NEMBA racers coming out for their first go at the 100K.  Carl put up a great time and continues his ascension to the elite ranks and Karina jumped in with both feet as well.  Not sure if anyone has been more willing to push their limits to their new frontier this year than she has, great to see!

I’m not sure if I’ll put things back together in time for TVR this weekend.  I’ve got some joint pain here and there from 15+ miles of one footed riding…go figure.  If I don’t see you there I will definitely be riding Bradbury for a nice exclamation point on the season.  Can’t wait for Fall riding!

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