New 24

I’ve had enough of the 29er fad.  I’m always having to battle my body weight against the heavy 29 inch wheels.  I’m going in a different direction this coming season.  I figured if 26er’s spin up quicker than a 29 than a 24 should be even better.  Just picked up this Kona Kula 24.

Kona Kula 24

Actually, as much as it would be fun to ride this thing, its not for me.  Santa (me) got it for my 9 year old son.  I couldn’t deal with the crappy quality kids bikes out there so I ponied up the cash for a quality ride. Its a nice bike with hydraulic disks, real cassette, 9 speed and rapidfire shifters.  Also, we finally have a kids bike that will fit on a Thule roof rack!


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