2011 Team Ride at NEMBAfest, and another successful event.  Perhaps for 2012 we could get together on or around when the team kits are delivered as this represents only about half the team.   

Pre-Ride meeting with Kathy Evans.  Bear Brook trail ambassador NEMBAfest course designer.  Kathy is also an expert mountain biker and rode for GT dirt Coalition/NEMBA in 09.  To the right in his civilian wear, Matt Caron Southern NH chapter president.  Perhaps, we’ll see both of them in Green Jerseys in 2012.  Just recently, Matt has been spotted wearing lycra shorts.  Time to race!

10 AM Saturday Team roll out.  That smile on the team captain Art Roti’s face wouldn’t last either.  Climbing starts almost immediately at Bear Brook. 

Look at that sea of green in the background.  Our ride was advertised as race pace.  Only one non NEMBA rider would latch on for the festivities. 

 (Above) The Prez giving back.  Or is this a warm up for his race the following weekend.  Not sure what to make of that bike he’s riding either?  Too much time on his hands?

(Above)  Maz on one of his custom 3 wheelers.  Nice to have someone so dedicated to the sport of racing and event promotion. 





  1. Awesome pics, awesome weekend. Couldn’t have asked for anything better.

    You’ll be happy to know that PK, Art and myself have already had a conference call brainstorming for next year. We’re looking to double that “sea of green” and quadruple the enjoyment on race day.

    Start whispering in your ride buddies ears, we are looking for more motivated riders who want to come out and ride as fast as they can on Sunday mornings and then relive the battles with a beer and a burger at the tent afterwards.

    Remember ‘race pace’ is as fast as YOU go, plenty of age groups and classifications so everyone can feel competitive. Come out to a few races and fly the NEMBA Flag next year! and if you’re lucky I’ll crash right in front of you…ask Bully, it is SPECTACULAR.