NEMBAfest 2014

Another successful event in the books! Congrats to PK and all the volunteers that made it happen both from KT and from various NEMBA chapters.  I personally think the move to the Darling Hill side ended up being ideal. Better demo loop, more traffic at the expo and direct access to all that great Darling Hill singletrack.

I don’t know about anyone else but I am really truly coming to love this event and what it seems to be becoming. This year especially started to just feel like a big family reunion.  Folks you haven’t seen in maybe a year or more but you just pick up right where you left off.  Everyone seems to be on the same page all working towards the same goal, jamming as much fun on bikes as possible into 3 days.  The reunion is even complete with those crazy cousins that maybe party just a bit too hard, looking at you Death Metal RV (they definitely got the party KOM).

Handlebars nowadays are just too wide to fit everyone in one group shot.  Sorry Curt!

Handlebars nowadays are just too wide to fit everyone in one group shot. Sorry Curt!

I was really happy with the team presence at the event and as always we got in a great team ride led by Mark T.  A double loop of sorts with a more mellow pace to start, although someone forgot to tell Emma as she led the team hammering up some climbs and through the nice new berms on Riverwood.  A few folks peeled off to meet up with family or go check out the expo and a slightly smaller group went off for loop 2 which ended up being an incredibly fun 7 man pace line with almost no regroups required, just go go go!

My wrists managed to hold up for the whole weekend (although I certainly woke up sore each day) and I was able to ride without needing to make too many compromises on speed or line choice.  Mick even thinks I’ve been faking, look for #kevinsfakingit to start trending soon.  I’m hoping I might be able to slot into a race here or there soon.  Maybe Carrabassett?  Who’s with me?

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