NEMBA-ToroLoco @ Pats

Leading up to the Pat’s Peak 24/12/6 hour race, there was much debate over how long of a race to enter and to race it solo or as a team.  When all was said in done, I entered with Marty Allen, a Team Toro-Loco rider and one fast rider.  This was his first endurance race, so we decided to take it easy and sign up for a 6 hour duo (I remembered my shame for only riding 6 hours the year before as I listened to the 24 hour riders talk about their race).  I had raced the 6 hour solo the year before, but with the Pinnacle coming up, I could spare myself and the bike (or so I thought) and get in a few tough hours instead.  Plus it was a few bucks cheaper which never hurts.

Rain was in the forecast and mother nature delivered!  We figured out our ride schedule the only logical way, rock/paper/scissor, best of 3.  I won and got ready to go.  Riders set up the bikes at the start line, walked back 300 yards (you run to the bikes) and waited for the gun……we were under way! 

 The first lap went fairly well.  I jumped out to a good lead, but had a bone-headed wash out  on an off camber and bent hanger #2 in 2 days…..figured out what gears worked, no problem.  Marty and I switched up riding in 2cnd or 3rd overall and just kept moving. 

Our support crew, Martin Sr. & Little bro Stu (see pics), kept us dry at the expense of a local dryer which handled our muddy cloths like a champ.  I’m sure it’s out of service now. 

 As the laps piled up, Marty battled chain suck and both of us knew our brakes were not going to last.  Marty crossed the line around 5:40pm with 20 minutes left in the race.  We had a solid lead and no reason to go back out other than pride, dignity, and the good will of the race gods.  Without hesitation, I headed out……what could wrong, the race was about over?

I broke a crank!  I prefer to say the crank failed (see pics).  The mount for the pedal loosened up and by the time I could figure out what was wrong it was not really rideable.  As I was messing with it, the horn went off to end our race and I was left to push the bike the final 2/3 of a lap.  Run up all the big hills, over all the good single track and down to the line.  At this point it was past 7pm and we had just enough time to get to awards.  I’ll discuss the crank in a later post.  

 Final total: 9 laps in 7+ hours, over 7000’ gained, a few broken parts in including a dryer, a shiny gold metal and a lot of fun.  Thanks pit crew, Toro loco, & Pats!  No thanks FSA. 

This is a good one, put it on the calendar for next year.


NEMBA-ToroLoco @ Pats — 7 Comments

  1. Thats a deadly duo right there.

    Is that crank gonna have you out of commission for Pinnacle? I have one of my older Truvativ SS cranks sitting on an old build that I could pull if you need something to get you up and running on short notice. Its currently running a 32 tooth ring. Pretty whupped but it’ll hold onto the pedals just fine.

    Say the word and I’ll bring the parts/tools/stand.

    • Quad was able to get everything together in time for the race. They were not able to warrenty the crank, which is dissapointing considering it has 3 months of ride time, but otherwise I have to give them props for turning it over so fast. I’m sure the warrenty had more to do with FSA/Cannondale.

      Thanks for the offer Kevin. Maybe one of these days I’ll just “borrow” the entire single speed for a few laps.

      • are you sure you’re ready for my world? It’s a heavy and unforgiving place…

        You might actually be pretty damn fast on a SS. Imagine all those times you dump a gear or two and spin things out…now imagine having no choice but to scream and turn your brain off, you’d go so fast. No more bent hangers either.

        I have a history of getting gents to drink my kool-aid, you’ll come around.

  2. A team of 2 of the fastest expert racers in the northeast. Nice work. Sounds like you had a great support crew too. Last year we did a 4 man HOGG team and had great support.

  3. Nice job! The longer endurance races are lots of fun as a team. I would love to do a 24 as a team again sometime in the near future.