NECS #5 All Out Mud Bath

There have been two times on a mountain bike that I can remember being so unhappy that I wanted to just go home. Both were last year and both left me not wanting to ride or look at a bike.  24 HOGG night laps, and the last 10 miles of the 100.  Now I have added number three to that list. Moody Park I hate you!

Weather was for 70’s and partly sunny. That didn’t happen of course. Greg and I got there to set up the tent around 7:40. Driving to the top of the hill was a nice touch. We took our spot next to the EFTA tent like in prior races. Sun came out and the day was looking good. Greg got his kit on and went for a warm up. It was at that time that pre ride reports were coming in that were less than desirable. Yep, mud! Lots off it too. Turns out that 3″ of rain two days prior on non engineered trails would spell disaster.

Here’s my chance for some needed points. I’ve got a shot at a top 5 spot for my cat this year. Only 3 pre registered. We line up with 8 in total, seniors would start with us due to the small number of riders so no telling how many vet I’s.

Lap1, circle the top of the hill then a downhill start. Perfect as I planned on watching those in front crash out. First mile or so was a little greasy and fun. Then you hit the first of too many mud sections. Get off and run time! Re-mount and hammer some double track, then it’s get off and run time again. The pattern would continue for the rest of the race. Half the course was running due to the deep mud. The course was actually really nice and if 100% rideable it would have been fun as hell.

The sun never really came out but conditions were humid. I was loosing fluids rapidly. I planned for a 2 hour race in cool conditions. Two bottles should have been fine. This of course would not be the case. Ended up using three, four would have been better. A pathetic 2:40+ time later the race was done. Score sheet said 3rd out of 4 finishers. Wow that didn’t make me feel good! 3rd out of 4? Not listed were the 3 DNF’s.  Oh now I feel a little better. When looking back, part of a points race is not only placing, but showing up and surviving in a race like this. At the start of lap 4 I was ready to call it quits. I had already been out for 2 hours, dealt with a leaky tire bead, and was really starting to feel tired. Just keep going and finish there will be points avail.

For me it was a hard race. For one I hate getting off the bike. Top guys prob ran through all the mud for all four laps. I already stink at running and only ran the first two laps. Didn’t take long till Jonny Bold (your mens elite winner) would blow past me running. I had a great 3 laps but the final lap was demoralizing.

2 races left for me. The Horror and TVR. Will need to place well to get a top 5.   Up next Newtons Revenge.


NECS #5 All Out Mud Bath — 4 Comments

  1. well done Shawn and Kevin. My heart sank when I saw that after 2 hours you still had a lap to go. That race was truly one of mental stamina. Congrats on outlasting the majority of the competition.

  2. The Horror will be good. Walking somewhere on lap 4 a guy asked me where I was at. I said DFL. I was surprised that there were 3 dnf’s and 1 still behind me. Good god!

  3. You guys rocked compared to my performance! 2:20 for 3 laps – definitely discouraged and thought about not finishing – but even with the extra 15 lbs of mud hanging from my bike and my body, I felt strong enough to go the distance…..I guess its completing the challenge that’s the important part.