CanopyI have posted the results from today’s sludgefest here.  I am completely destroyed so I’ll have to come back later and chime in about the race.  All I will say is it was heinous with a large downpour halfway through and it became a mud hole from start line to the finish. We all did well though and no one had any major issues.


NECS #1 — 4 Comments

  1. Great job guys! The tent looks pretty damn good too. See you all at Willowdale.

  2. Nice job guys! I give you alot of credit for toughing it out in those conditions. I hear it was much of the same down here in CT at Winsted Woods. I couldn’t make it unfortunately. Or is it fortunate?

    I can’t wait to hear the race reports.

  3. The tent was great, and would have been even better if I was under it when it started to pour! Race report coming soon…

    • Credit to all the guys who got out there and gave it a shot! Hat’s off to Al who came out of obscurity to snipe the Novice field and pull down a silver for the green & gold (really yellow, but gold sounds better). The tent is bad a$$ and its great to have a team to work with and hang with before and after the race.

      I’m still looking for 3 others to put a team together with if anyone can commit to the EFTA series that’s not already on a team.

      See everyone at Willowdale!