Mountain Team Ride

When: Saturday May 7th

Where: Bear Brook State Park

Time: 10:00AM

3.5 Hours

Hello race team.  If you’re not racing next weekend and want to come out for an epic type ride.  A few of us will be heading to Bear Brook (home of NEMBAFEST)   If you have not been, there’s plenty of miles to do here.  We’ll be hitting all the new stuff and all of the old.  If you bring your single speed gear down.  “yes there will be hills” 

Note; Park across from the toll booth as I don’t think gates to the hiker biker lot will be open till Memorial day weekend.  


Mountain Team Ride — 4 Comments

  1. aw damn. Gonna miss this one, I’ve had a big garden project on the books for awhile now scheduled for Saturday. I’d bump it but I have a buddy coming up to help and it’s the only window I’ve got.

    oh and SSer’s don’t listen to him. RUN WHAT YAH BRUNG!

  2. Sounds tempting! But at 3.3 hours away I’ll have to ride closer to home. I have ridden there before and it was awesome riding.