Congratulations to all those team NEMBA riders who rode the Hampshire 100 today. Job well done. I tend to shy away from races that involve off-road mileage greater than of nearly equal to my age! That being said, I put myself between a rock and a hard place today.

Yes, I rode the Millstone Grind over near Barre, VT. I was 1 of 2 riders flying the NEMBA racing colors. I think that race is a HOOT. The race course has got everything, up hills, down hills, techy turns, rocks, roots, and even braided cable to negotiate. I find it interesting to race and ride among the remains of 19th Century industry. I might feel differently if the course was wet, but today it was dry and tacky, with minimal dust.

The pre-reg. fee of $35 includes a beer glass, a glass of beer!, delicious sweet Italian sausage with all the fixins’, salad(s) and brownie for a post race lunch. Good course and food too! If you podium in your class (I was 3rd in the Jurassic Class), you receive even more nice schwag. What’s not to like?



  1. That’s awesome Mark. Too bad these were on the same day. The 100 was the normal brutal affair. I am destroyed.

    • Nice work Mark. I can’t seem to make to Millstone, maybe someone knows I’ll just have too much fun and I am being punished. You didn’t miss anything but a sore ass and the need for some replacement parts at the 100. …actually I enjoyed the first 20 miles. After that, my 20 lb bike felt like a garbage truck…or may that was just my gloves giving that impression.

  2. Sounds like a fun race. I will have to put it on my list for next year. Good job out there.

  3. Mark, someday I’ll get to that race. Everybody loves it! See you on the hiking trails at TVR next weekend.