Massasoit Lung Opener Race Report

Well if you want to race with your buddies when they go down to the Route 66 race you’re going to need a license. As in a Cat I license for USA Cycling, and as many of you know you can’t just get one. They want to see the resume. So I sent it to them and they laughed at me and said, “where are your USAC results”? Sigh, All those EFTA races don’t count for nothing huh. So it was off to race a Cat II race with the sport guys. It’s been since 2010 that I raced in sport, no problem I thought to myself.  Full report

Carl, Rob, Shawn

Ride Report from Josh Burgel and the Cat 3’s

 Mini Ride report and Results for the group of 4 were as follows.  Note that It was the first mountain bike race for me, and first bike race of any kind for Rob and Chris:

Dan Voss crushed his competition almost getting the best time in the first wave of one lappers (1st in Mens Cat 3, 40-49).  Probably would have, if he hadn’t let some dude stand on his wheel just off the starting turn.

I (Josh Burgel) came in second in Mens Cat 3, 30-39 – and may have been a bit more competitive with the winning sandbagger if I had more than 3 gears.

Rob Pillar found his max heart rate is good enough for 6th (Men’s Cat 3, 30-39), and with that race under his belt may be ready to go forth at Willowdale with confidence that his heart won’t explode.

Chris Taylor realized that he can withstand, and pass most of his competition.  And that passing is really fun – and even though he started off the back, he passed so many that he ended up in 9th (Men’s
Cat 3, 30-39).


Massasoit Lung Opener Race Report — 3 Comments

  1. Awesome to hear about so many Green jerseys in the mix! Great job stacking the top ten in Cat 3! Great confidence builder heading into the season.