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Ride Report from 12/17

Carl and Steve’s Russell Mill/Great Brook ride went off without incident.  I was scheduled to race CX Sunday in Fitchburg but with freezing temps forecasted for Sunday at 8:30 I was hoping to get in a good workout.

Pulling into the parking lot with my Salsa SS loaded up, I immediately notice multiple riders joining.  Sure Steve and Carl were there, both are fast enough, but also joining was Marty Allen (sigh) and his teammate Jeff.  Seeing Marty there immediately sets off a twitch in my neck muscle that forces my head to move in a left to right motion.  The inevitability of the situation was now clear.  Go fast or go home!  Only one feeling worse than myself may have been the Prez who was also joining the festivities.

We all exchange pleasantries at the drop zone and then…..  GO….  There was no gun that went off at the start, but I did feel some immediate burning coming from the quad area.  This would happen at multiple intervals during the ride.  Race pace in December?  Yes!

We covered almost all of RM before heading over to GB.  Great, time to hit some roots on the rigid!  GB has lots of em.  We hit all the regular stuff before heading across rt 4 to Acorn loop.  At one point during the ride, Marty decides to head over his bars after cresting a quick rooted uphill.  Front tire, got eaten, fork compressed, and I almost ate his back tire which was only about six inches from my face. (squishy suspension forks good for nothing)

A few items that need to be reported here on the Expert/Elite ride by Steve;

1.  Carl dropped the hammer and put a hurt on everyone when leading. (McMansion Trail, pace-line in order of appearance; Carl, Marty, Steve, Jeff, Myself)

2.  Marty is still too fast even when he’s not trying.

3.  Marty’s teammates are fast too.

4.  Steve thinks I am faster on a single-speed and is sure of it. (just a theory)

5.  Matt (The Prez) wore his Lycra and ditched the baggies again!

6.  Steve was the only one in baggies and complained for his Guinness the entire ride

7.  Greg ……nothing to report since August

Hell of a ride.  It was not all hammering, we did make time to chat at intersections.  Although, the longer the stop, the faster the next segment of trail was ridden.  Go figure… Damn Racers!


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  1. Sounds awesome, bummed I missed out. If we don’t start getting some natural snow up this way soon I’m going to stop forcing it on the slopes and start heading south for some frozen dirt.

  2. If I recall, it was the red singlespeed that set the pace early with a complete lack of warm up. I’ll blame it on the trails, they were in great shape. I could do without the horse poop on the Great Brook side, though.