March Madness Ride

What month are we in? March or June? I couldn’t tell. More incredible weather just keeps rolling in, it’s sounding like a broken record I know. Today was the 2nd annual March Madness ride put on by none other than Blue Steel’s own Andy Gould. “invite everyone” he says. So people brought people, and those people brought more people.

Carlson, Suprenanault (I’ll never spell his name right), Gould, Record, Gagnon, DeVincent, Snellenger, Larouqe, and too many other to list.  All in all about 30 to 40 cyclists in all. I guess when you can ride in shorts and short sleeve jerseys for 3 hours in 70 degree temps, lots of people take interest.

Andy at one point over Email stated to me; “hey, don’t be disappointed if it’s not a super fast ride” But I knew better, you got to bring your “A” game when you ride with his boys.

The ride would be conversational through the early hills and then we hit a nice flat newly paved section. Single file at once that leads to a long strung out straight line of cyclists. Guys on the front just whipping up the pace. Hell yeah! This would happen for the duration of the ride as the faster guys would cause the “conversational paced” ride to fracture many times over. In the end though for almost the majority of the ride Andy would keep the group together even coming to the front, like a pace car to slow down the frantic pace.

Nice job Mr Gould, and hell of a ride! Ride Info (The extra 10 or so miles were done by a few of the guys that just couldn’t stop at 62 or so.

Next Up. Burlingame TT. Elite’s mixed in with Experts? Like lambs to the slaughter!


March Madness Ride — 1 Comment

  1. That was a fun ride, the roads Andy took us on had little traffic and were in really great shape. It was awesome to see team NEMBA mixing up at the front all day! Shawn took the town lines we saw and I grabbed several of the hill climbs. I’m definitely not quite ready for the warm temps yet however. Finished off three bottles and still felt a bit dehydrated at the end. Time to order my economy sized bucket o’ sunblock 🙂